Lady Gaga caused controversy with her unforgettable debut at the Grammy Awards when she wore a bold, revealing outfit

A young sensation in the music industry had the pleasure of collaborating with the legendary Elton John for a grand and unforgettable performance during the prestigious event of 2010.

In the upcoming weeks, Lady Gaga is set to make history by being the first artist ever to grace three major American television events in a single year – the Super Bowl, Grammy Awards, and the Oscars. This remarkable feat underlines Gaga’s unparalleled achievements in the industry.

It is worth noting that five years ago, she made a stellar debut at the Grammys, mesmerizing audiences as she opened the show alongside none other than the legendary Elton John. Lady Gaga’s incessant creativity and talent continue to captivate us all as she keeps pushing boundaries and leaving her mark on the entertainment world.

When the event finally arrived, Gaga had already put out an updated version of her first album The Fame in the shape of The Fame Monster, which featured fresh tracks such as “Bad Romance,” “Telephone” (featuring Beyoncé), and “Alejandro.” Her captivating performance capitalized on the themes of fame and celebrity that intertwined her Fame and Fame Monster periods.

Elijah Kelley, known for his role in Hairspray, started off the performance by taking on the role of the Emcee in Sally Bowles. In a creative twist, a makeshift factory produces replicas of Lady Gaga, while Kelley embarks on a quest to find the authentic version amidst the impersonators.

During a lively musical number that accompanies his search, Kelley emphasizes the distinct qualities that set the real Lady Gaga apart, such as her collection of five hit singles and her unique possession of a pogo stick. He playfully adds that she is even devoid of a soul, making her all the more exceptional.

Dressed in a sparkling green ensemble, Gaga takes the stage to perform her iconic song “Poker Face”. Her unique outfit features vibrant pink upside-down triangles painted around her eyes. As she begins her rendition on the piano, the music seamlessly transitions into a high-energy dance-pop version.

Meanwhile, Kelley interrupts the performance, claiming that Gaga’s music is causing damage to his business. He refers to her as a “monster” before unceremoniously tossing her into a pit of fire designated for the rejected.

Gaga makes a comeback once again, and this time she is joined by Elton John, as they both sit at a double piano covered in ash. With a confident tone, she exclaims, “Capture this moment, Hollywood,” before delving into a delightful duet and mash-up of Elton John’s classic “Your Song” with her heartfelt ballad “Speechless,” taken from her renowned album, Fame Monster. “I long to shine brightly like a true star!” Gaga professes.

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