In a Dramatic Rescue Seen on Camera, a Mother Lioness Risks her Life to Save her Son

This is the moment a little lion cub is clinging to the brink of a sheer precipice before his mother arrives to save him.

His mother arrived, accompanied by a number of females and a male, all of whom sought to save the cub by clambering down together. After understanding how awful the plunge was, he almost instantly turned back.

However, the mother, driven by the sense of motherly love, took it upon herself to save the cub.

The enormous mama cat crept down towards her son, who was shivering with fright, in agonizingly slow steps.

She used her formidable claws to hold the continually eroding cliff edge, knowing that one slip might easily mean both creatures falling and dying.

The mother lioness arrives at the unfortunate cub just as he appears to be ready to collapse; she ensures she is behind him and snatches him up with her teeth.

However, the assignment was not yet complete since she still had to take her kid back up the cliff, which was considerably worse.

As soon as the two reached safety, the lioness comforted her terrified kid with a lick and a cuddle.

What a beautiful rescue story!

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